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Most sublime purpose of art - make beating human heart, and as the heart
- the center of life, art has always nahoditsi in close connection with all the mora
J. Guillot

in the art, there is no classification, no labels,
no old or new school, but there is that concern at all times,
delights, comforts and ennobles the lives, is what is beautiful and noble.
Alexandre Dumas fils

... art bypass around the world and circulate the blood in our veins.

in the art of speech, it is difficult not say much, but few do.
Johann Joachim Winckelmann

In any work of art , great or small, down to the smallest, it all comes down to the concept.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Original artist devoid of vanity, he knows only too well that the art is inexhaustible. Ludwig Beethoven

IIn love, as in art, not to speak of what has been said by others: to say what you feel, and he who hastens to say, when he had nothing to say, it runs the risk of never say nothing. Romain Rolland